Real Estate Services

     Professional quality HD photography - Several photographs taken, processed with professional editing software, and then layered together to provide the highest quality of interior and exterior photos. 


     HD twilight photography - Several images are layered together using professional editing software to provide stunning exterior twilight photos. Twilight photos can draw more attention to a listing, as they show the property in a warm and inviting light.


     Floor plans - Floor plans are drawn out by hand and then converted into a digital format that is easy to share, and will provide viewers with a better understanding of the properties layout. 


*Photography packages are based on a price of $10 per photo, plus a travel fee*

Base Package - 10 photos - $100.00 + travel fee

Middle Package - 20 photos - $200.00 + travel fee

Top Package - 30 photos - $300.00 + travel fee

Luxury Package - 45 photos - $450.00 + travel fee 

*Book this package now through December 1st and get 20% off plus RAW file copies of all images, for the highest possible image quality*

Twilight Photography~

 5 photos - $75.00 + travel fee

Floor Plans~

$50.00 + travel fee for 0 - 3,000 square feet

$100.00 for 3,000 + travel fee - 6,000 square feet

*All images produced in standard Jpeg format, however you may add on a full set of RAW file copies for an additional $10.00 per shoot*

*Guaranteed delivery time within 24 hours*